Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Homemade BioDiesel

Homemade Biodiesel is another great way to make use of otherwise wasted materials. Most people had absolutely no good use for left over, used vegetable oil until now. In fact, in Britain improper disposal of used vegetable oil had become such a serious issue, that many have begun reusing it to create fuel. The drains and pipes of Britain are thanking them by working much more efficiently.
Imagine trying to operate a business during difficult financial times. Watching the expense budget grow, while the profit margin shrinks. It is not bad enough to have to throw away used oil, but to half to pay to do it has got to be more than a bit frustrating. Not a pleasant experience. And no longer a problem.
Not so anymore. Used cooking oil can be stored in whatever size is required to accommodate it, for later use as fuel. Some high volume restaurant owners may never need to pay to fuel their automobile again. Some will also save a great deal of money heating their homes.
It is important to understand that bio-diesel is an alternative to traditional diesel fuel. If you do not currently own a diesel engine vehicle, it may be time to consider purchasing one. Neither diesel, nor bio-diesel fuel are appropriate for a ”regular” engine automobile.
You may also use this newly created fuel for home heating. Imagine the money that will be saved when not needing fossil fuel. Not to mention the work that you will be doing to help the environment.
This fuel is indeed the way of the future. And there are many simple recipes available. It is however important to exercise caution, as some strong chemicals will be used. However the creation of homemade biodiesel is quite simple, and can be done by just about anyone.
Did you know that there is homemade biodiesel? That’s right, you can make biodiesel at home and the Internet is the best place to learn how to go about doing it.

On a semi related note: Here in Frederick Maryland, the average windspeed for the past 2 weeks has been MORE than enough to power those silly, huge, too expensive, 3 bladed wind turbines that we should have but don't...
I want a HOME wind powered generator, there's a creative inventor right down the street from where I live that sells 11 bladed, 14 ft long small wind energy systems for under $30,000
I want one!

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